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D&Co. impact assessment compels more donors to give more

Dorsey & Company completed an exceptional study of the impact of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund $25 million scholarship program, finding the economic impact to be vast, both to the member HBCUs supported by TMCF and their host communities. As a result of our study, we identified a great number of students who benefited from TMCF scholarships who would not have been able to afford to attend college without that aid. TMCF was then able to exploit the data on the colleges, students, and communities served to compel donors to give. The D&Co. research reports were reproduced as presented and bound for use in subsequent TMCF outreach efforts.

D&Co. guidance helps large university interpret broad messaging objective from top administration for multiple, discreet campus audiences

For a large state university, Dorsey& Company was retained to align an administrative office’s core mission and vision in order to accomplish presidential mandates. Our role included identifying and prioritizing key internal and external target markets ranging from senior administrative and board level audiences to students, faculty and union staff employees. Our recommendations needed to be sensitive to regulatory obligations and compliance requirements and be tailored to each prioritized segment. The result was a communication strategy aimed at raising awareness of the existence, role, and services associated with the department such that it became properly positioned within the broad university community.

Same marketing budget + better targeting = double-digit enrollment gains for community college

Dorsey & Company was retained by a multi-campus community college system to address enrollment, which had declined over ten consecutive quarters. Without the benefit of primary research, and with analysis of secondary sources, we reviewed the college’s plan and identified new primary target market segments and redirected marketing communications accordingly without any incremental spending – instead, redirecting current marketing resources to better use. As a result, enrollment grew by double-digits in the following quarter, and we were retained to consult for several subsequent projects.

Centralizing marketing functions in multi-campus system helps community college speak with one voice

For a multi-campus community college system, Dorsey & Company was brought in to guide top management and board leadership in reshaping and directing the college’s various marketing functions. Our recommendations were accepted as presented and full implementation began over the course of the following academic year.

D&Co. finds collegiate basketball program a few free-throws: 33% increase in game attendance results

A large, urban public university brought Dorsey & Company on board to develop a marketing strategy and tactical recommendations to increase awareness of – and attendance at – Men’s Basketball home games. We recognized that the optimal solution to what is essentially a sales problem must be tailored to the institution’s footprint, history, organizational structure and – last but not least – the “product” (in this case, Men’s Basketball). Dorsey & Company conducted a deep data drill: reviewing past performance against stated goals and interviewing athletics staff and other personnel. Our analysis also included studying demographic data of current students and local residents.

The resulting plan included drafting a compelling Men’s Basketball program positioning statement, a comprehensive marketing strategy and recommendations for tactics with implementation timing suggestions, materials, goal setting, internal organization and external partnerships. Our recommendations resulted in a 33% increase in student attendance at men’s basketball games. All other areas targeted for improvement increased, the aim now is to sustain and continue improvement.