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When launching a new product, building a new website, or targeting a new market, it’s really tempting to dive right in and just get started. However, if there’s one thing our experts at Dorsey & Company can tell you, it’s that actions are most effective when guided by strategy.

That’s why our services focus on strategy-based research and analysis – producing targeted recommendations as the result. We also have expert resources ready to handle tactical execution.

Partnering the development and implementation of competitive strategy reduces cost and risk. Our resources provide services in several areas, or we partner with our client’s existing team to help guide the implementation. Our tactical implementation guidance includes:

  • Selecting and managing the project and/or creative team
  • Developing personnel training and incentives
  • Cultivating salesforce growth by determining strategy, role, scale and integration with other channels
  • Creating sales promotions, including concept development, testing, channel selection, developing formats and themes, and creative
  • New product development including testing, market expansion and roll-out

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