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“Inside-out” is the place to start if you want more customers IN than OUT

For a 53-year-old, family-owned brand, Dorsey & Company was engaged to help a home-style restaurant chain operationalize its hopes of franchising or licensing to expand the 6-store restaurant group. Dorsey & Company performed a strategic review and tactical analysis of financial and operating procedures, and marketing plans and programs to improve customer retention and acquisition, revenue growth, and profit.

Our counsel helped the client determine its financial position, identified critical operating adjustments, the most profitable product/service mix, strategies and tactics to boost near-term marketing performance, and offered a clear strategy to retain and increase the current customer base and revenue. These steps also placed the expansion inappropriate context, indicating the next steps and goals to be achieved in order to grow as they hope.

Included in our counsel was tactical planning to affect a successful restaurant ‘shake-down’ and VIP event prior to the opening of the group’s flagship store relocated from a smaller carryout store to a larger full-service restaurant. We helped plan publicity and media exposure for the event, to which local elected officials, business leaders, and other special guests were invited.

Keeping and growing membership requires learning what they want – and giving it to them

Dorsey & Company conducted focus groups followed by a quantitative survey to develop a concept for a new, annual trade show aimed at various sectors of the food industry: restaurants, food service providers, industry services providers, and equipment suppliers. This new trade show will be sponsored by a leading industry association, and both its members and non-members were included. This information, plus D&Co. market research and new product development and launch expertise, provided the basis for our recommendation to the client on the best concept to develop to keep current members, attract new members and build a stronger revenue stream apart from membership dues. The organization immediately began the market introduction of the new trade show for the following year.