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A tactical review can provide an unbiased opinion on sales promotions

Dorsey & Company was asked to perform a critical review of a sales promotion shortly after it had been introduced to enhance the next application of this promotional technique.

The review of the client’s promotion immediately revealed the potential for consumer and regulatory backlash. As a result, we were able to save our client $20 million in misallocated expenses and to limit the consequences of an improperly applied and designed sales promotion.

Segmentation is an issue faced by every company. To be useful, market segments must be actionable.

Dorsey & Company helped a leading telephone operating company segment the vast small business market to more effectively reach its objectives.

We made a full analysis of the market including key drivers, nature of demand potential, and channel/service delivery preferences – enabling us to develop a set of more meaningful market segments. We also helped the client operationalize the segmentation by developing Automatic Interaction Detectors. The accuracy of the detectors incorrectly placing the customers was 90% of that achieved by the rigorous market research used to discover the segments initially.

Applying the segmentation to its outbound telemarketing channel, the most important channel in their marketing mix, this client improved line sales by 50%.