Disruptions of any sort raise many questions for your business.

Any market disruption could be considered a competitive threat. It may or not be a real competitor, but in the end if you fail to achieve your goal, you lost. We can prevent those losses. Since 1987, we’ve helped our clients compete and WIN in complex marketplaces.

All you have to do is ask. What competitive questions are on your mind?

Is a newcomer threatening your market share?

Are you trying to promote sales while wrestling with price increases?

How do you run a competitively sound enterprise with pressures on labor?

How do you measure your customer satisfaction? Can you identify who’s satisfied, why, why not and how to improve customer loyalty?

As consultants in competitive and marketing strategy, we help business operators get over, under, around, or through obstacles to accomplish and exceed goals.

Have a competitive question? Contact us and set up a brief phone consultation to run a question by us and learn how we can help.

SPOILER: The answer will NOT include out-spending your competition.