Andrew is the Managing Director in charge of Web and Information Technology, and co-founder and co-owner of 2G TechWorks, Inc, a Michigan-based information technology advisory firm. Andrew works with businesses across the country to make smart use of technology to make good decisions about how best to put technology to work. Through Andrew’s participation, Dorsey & Company marketing solutions integrate appropriate IT consideration and practices to optimize performance.

Andrew is a frequent speaker on the topic of technology and provides common-sense plain-English advice and assistance to a wide range of industries. Andrew’s background in training and development make him adept at translating highly technical details into easily-understood analysis and advice.

Andrew’s roots are in software development. He has been developing software for Microsoft Windows for as long as there has been a Microsoft Windows. Andrew began his development career working to make simulated graphical user interfaces in a pre-Windows environment and worked to develop Windows-based menu systems and utilities going back to Windows 2.0.

Andrew has been developing and project managing software development projects deployed to the web since 2001. He’s worked on more than 100 development projects in the last five years ranging in scope from tiny applications and utilities for clients to major enterprise-level web applications deployed across disparate organizations and environments.