Mark Bogomolny brings to Dorsey & Company and our clients a deep wealth of experience in retail, grocery, food service and new product marketing management.

He served both Pick-n-Pay and later Finast grocery organizations in a number of capacities including, buying and merchandising, advertising, human resources, research and development, and real estate.

Mark also has owned and operated a number of small businesses in the fields of food safety, retail pet supplies, retail grocery, lighting accessories and equipment, and management services. Also, as a consultant for over 20 years, Mark has counseled new and start-up businesses on matters concerning on food and food safety, retail, food service, customer service, and general business issues. He also has counseled clients on branding, selling, product development and product placement.

As a Dorsey & Company Associate, Mark contributes subject matter expertise and hands-on experience in myriad areas of concern for our retail, grocery, hospitality and consumer packaged goods clients and related engagements.

A married father of two grown daughters, Mark also has served his Northeast Ohio community for over 20 years through board level experience in non-profit work for membership driven organizations. Has worked in areas of governance, membership, marketing, financial oversight, and non-academic affairs for a number of organizations.

Mark earned a B.S. in Agricultural Economics and Food Industry Management from Cornell University.