Greater demand for philanthropic dollars in a challenging economy leads to more competing for less. While individual Americans give to charity at rates higher than other developed nations, barriers to giving today are several, including:

  • Inflation and growing fears of economic slowdown
  • Re-aligning financial priorities post COVID
  • Making the hard decision between giving to charity vs. filling the gas tank
  • Re-engaging past donors and asking them to give again
  • Bringing technology up to date to reach next-generation donors
  • Keeping the divided attention of your existing donor base

Such a hyper-competitive development environment calls for an effective competitive strategy – the kind delivered by Dorsey & Company, Strategic Consultants to Management. Dorsey & Company is a marketing consulting firm specializing in competitive strategymarketing strategy and tacticsmarket research and strategy implementation for clients across a broad range of industries – including the nonprofit sector.

No matter the cause, nonprofits are not immune to competition. You’re essentially “competing” for favor and other demands on discretionary income of individuals, firms and organizations. And, you’re competing in a market that includes many wonderful and well-respected organizations.

As a nonprofit leader, do you believe you can achieve greater and more sustained nonprofit excellence through competitive strategy? Contact us and let’s talk about it.