It may not be the most glamours activity in the banking world, but for community banks to effectively compete against larger counterparts, some rote processes must be involved.  The following 3 steps of a continuous improvement sales process, though, may yield improved account production and deeper customer relationships.

The “3 D’s,” as we call them are:

DRAW – Map out your territory and develop an objective understanding of your local trade areas and potential target audiences.

DEFEND – Once identified, territorial defense is critical. Simply put: be vigilant, and KEEP OUT, encroaching competitors.

A successful effort will have BOTH defensive and offensive tactical elements.

DELEGATE – Assign a relationship manager to connect in some way with new and existing customers on a monthly or quarterly schedule.

Other steps are sure to be critical and useful in a continuous sales improvement process, but the 3 steps listed, we believe, are a great place to start to build a system that will deepen customer relationships, fortify local territory defense and improve the community bank’s brand recognition and acceptance.

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