Just as important as raising money, nonprofit organizations must also cultivate awareness, enthusiasm and dedication among board members and volunteers.

Recruiting volunteers and board members to devote “time and treasure” is a short-hand way to describe a very dynamic process – – one that can determine organizational success or failure.

Like time and money, the strategic assets of awareness, enthusiasm and dedication are both LIMITED and IN HIGH DEMAND. You will need much more than a good cause  to earn and sustain the best board members or volunteers.

Trying to optimize board and volunteer recruitment and participation using the standard “go to” methods from years past may be sufficient. The trouble with this approach is it typically fails to find barriers and methods to overcome them. Each organization must determine its  UNIQUE qualities and resources that can win against these barriers.

Too often, goals are set and the teams dust off old solutions as though the “market” they compete for is not constantly changing and facing new demands for its “time and treasure.”

Recruitment challenges that demand analysis BEFORE action include:

  • Recruitment of board and volunteers that are best at specific tasks and roles
  • Building a team that best fits organizational needs
  • Training new board members and volunteers
  • Establishing and sustaining a culture which encourages initiative
  • Long-term board and volunteer retention

Before working on these important issues, guide the process  with an effective competitive strategy – the kind delivered by Dorsey & Company, Strategic Consultants to Management.  We specialize in competitive strategy, marketing strategy and tactics, market research and strategy implementation for clients across a broad range of industries – including the nonprofit sector.

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