Economic downturns force businesses to make drastic changes to reduce costs: layoffs, closures, refining services, and mergers to name a few. Nonprofits are no different.

Before making a decision to merge, you may wrestle with many questions, including:

  • Will merging make both partners stronger and give you optimal competitive advantage?
  • Will merging offer greater patron value?
  • Can the enhanced value be communicated and delivered to demonstrate your new strength or reposition your brand?
  • Are these advantages exclusive to your organization or at least capable of being perceived that way by your target audience?

Organizations with similar or complementary missions may consider merging to maximize donor dollars and strengthen their impacts on the communities they serve. These results are good, but there are many more risks than opportunity.

If you’re considering a merger, let us help guide your organization through finding and measuring the strategic assets of all nonprofits involved and layout a roadmap to a successful partnership – in ways and through means that your competitors cannot .

Contact us and let’s talk more about your ambitions, answer your questions, and share our viewpoint on nonprofit excellence through competitive strategy.